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Huge library of meditations & courses

Immerse yourself in our library, offering a wide array of meditations in various categories, guiding you to peace, serenity, and mindfulness in every situation life presents.

Calming music anytime anywhere

Allow the soothing symphony of our calming music to wash over you, guiding your mind and soul into a realm of tranquility.

  • Fresh music added every week

  • High-fidelity surround sound

  • Musical compositions & nature sounds

Personalized daily mindfulness plan

Deep Meditate caters to your unique needs, goals, and schedule. With our personalized daily plan, experience a custom journey towards mindfulness, designed just for you.

Calm breathing with your guide

Breathe your way to tranquility. Our guided breathing routines provide an instant stress-buster for those challenging days.

  • Learn about how each routine works

  • Breathe along with your guide

  • Calming visualization for each breath

Guided journaling prompts

Record your thoughts, reflect on your journey, and track your progress with our guided journaling feature. Become an active participant in your journey to mindfulness.

Sleep Stories and Meditations

Experience the joy of restful sleep. Our curated collection of sleep stories and sleep meditations is designed to lull you into a state of deep and restful slumber.

Sleep Stories

Journey through enchanting tales that lead you gently into the land of dreams.

Sleep Meditations

Experience the joy of falling asleep effortlessly and waking up ready for the day ahead.

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